Ironwood Investment Counsel Hypothetical Case Studies

A look at the situations of five clients and their objectives. How we helped these clients and the overall results achieved.

Case Study 1 – Owner Selling Business

Acting on an exciting opportunity to sell their successful technology company, our clients came to Ironwood Investment Counsel for advice on how best to invest and manage the proceeds from the sale of the business in order to effectively meet their family’s short and long-term goals. Click to see how we helped this business owner.

Case Study 2 – High Income Professionals Planning for Retirement

A hard-working, high income earning couple engaged Ironwood Investment Counsel to help them manage their portfolio and successfully plan for their pending retirement. The couple was challenged by their variety of real estate and insurance assets, as well as their income and expenses associated with a successful medical practice.Click to see how we helped this couple.

Case Study 3 – Crafting Corporate Exec’s Financial Strategy

For this Fortune 500 company executive, developing a strategy to accommodate his large number of stock options was key to crafting an effective retirement plan and portfolio. As a high-income earner, the client wanted to ensure the plan was built in a tax-advantaged format while his employer went through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Click to see how we helped this corporate exec.

Case Study 4 – Client Restructures Finances Following Divorce

Having built a successful business with her spouse, our client faced the difficult task of transitioning to a single income household following a divorce. Ironwood Investment Counsel was engaged to help the client understand the value of the company she co-owned with her ex-husband, as well as plan her financial future as a single person. Click to see how we helped this client.

Case Study 5 – Selling One Business & Starting Another

A business owner sought assistance from Ironwood Investment Counsel while in the process of selling his company to a publicly traded firm. But not resting on his previous business success, the client was eager to begin seeking a new business venture. Click to see how we helped this client.