Investment Management

Ironwood Investment Counsel’s investment strategies are actively managed and built on the foundation of risk reduction and tax efficiency.


We create an asset allocation for each client. Portfolio contributions and withdrawals, time horizon, risk tolerance and other unique constraints all help define a proper asset allocation strategy.

We utilize a core-satellite approach for asset allocation.  This method seeks additional return opportunities while attempting to better control risk.  The core strategies, which we manage on a proprietary basis, provide exposure to more efficient asset classes that are representative of the market for core equities and fixed income.  For less efficient asset classes, we use satellite strategies focused on areas where outperformance is likely and/or areas that are less correlated with global equity and fixed income markets.  These two strategies, in combination, should provide risk reduction and return enhancement.


We actively manage the core equity and fixed income components of a portfolio. The use of individual equities, fixed income, and preferred securities allows more control over the portfolio design, improves tax efficiency and  an unnecessary layer of cost. The core investments may include:

    • Large cap equities
    • Tax exempt municipal bonds
    • Taxable municipal bonds
    • Corporate bonds
    • Preferred securities

The core securities selected often have the following characteristics:

  • Understandable business fundamentals.
  • Possess sustainable competitive advantages and/or offer essential services or products.
  • High quality earnings that lead to cash flow centric investments.
  • Operate in oligopoly or niche settings.


We utilize separate account managers, institutional class mutual funds, and exchange traded funds to gain exposure to satellite asset classes that are critical to portfolio diversification. Most of the managers selected share similar investing philosophies with our core management approach.

Investment managers are selected based on screening criteria that is both quantitative and qualitative.  More specifically, they are ranked within their peer group, with an emphasis on risk and return measures.  We utilize these investments for the following asset classes:

  • International equity
  • Domestic small/mid capitalization equity
  • Emerging market equity
  • High-yield fixed income
  • Absolute return
  • Hedged and opportunistic equity
  • Real estate


Ironwood Investment Counsel provides performance measurement that allows clients to evaluate their individual results. We are able to measure performance relative to long-term goals, appropriate market indexes and peer results.