Wealth Management

Ironwood Investment Counsel takes a comprehensive approach to managing wealth so our clients may achieve their life and legacy goals. 


We take a comprehensive approach to strategic planning. We consider our clients’ short and long-term cash flow needs, as well as their income and estate tax situations in creating a strategic plan aligned with their objectives.

We validate the strategic planning process through cash flow analysis and by testing long-term outcomes over varying market conditions. We also rely on balance sheet analysis to evaluate the appropriate mix of assets and liabilities relative to client objectives.


We are focused on after-tax results. We work with our clients’ tax advisors to integrate their investment portfolio and other assets with their income tax landscape.

We consider the level of taxable income, amount in tax-deferred accounts and capital gain and loss positions in executing and managing a well-constructed after-tax approach.


We understand that clients need an estate plan that ensures their specific objectives are carried out. We work with our clients’ attorneys and other professionals to develop a solution that includes the essential components of an estate plan.

We are familiar with wealth transfer techniques and ensure that clients’ estate plans are well integrated with their strategic plan, investment portfolio and other assets.


We assist our clients in evaluating non-market risks relative to their objectives. We then analyze existing insurance coverage relative to the risks revealed and coordinate specific strategies.

We do not sell insurance products. Where appropriate, we may recommend the use of life and disability insurance, long-term care insurance and property and casualty insurance.


We believe education costs for dependents represent a substantial liability for some clients. We coordinate comprehensive education funding solutions.

We assist our clients by implementing an overall strategy which may include 529 plans, education savings accounts and individual retirement accounts. We monitor the strategy and provide ongoing recommendations.


We help clients in diversifying closely held business interest and concentrated common stock positions in meeting their objectives with less risk.

We also provide recommendations for how clients reduce risk and minimize the tax liabilities associated with various monetization strategies.

Please Note: The scope of any consulting services depends upon the specific requests and needs of the client.  Ironwood does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Ironwood does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.